1 Month: $35

*EFT available for $35

  • 3 months paid in full $100

  • 6 Months paid in full $180

  • 1 Year paid in full $360

1 Month: $30

Police, Fire, Rescue, Volunteers, Teacher, Military, With ID

Seniors $25/mo

Students $25/mo

Walkers $15/mo

*Add on Spouse/Significant Other (living the same household) or Children under 16. Flex add on Price: $30/mo

Other Services

Day Pass: $6

Tanning: $15 to $30/month

Personal Training: $20 to $45/hour

Child Care: Monday-Friday 4:00pm - 8:00pm

I HAVE GOT TO BRAG!!! Childcare at this gym has been by far the greatest thing ever! Completing a solid and successful workout, while not having to worry about rushing through to get home and take care of my baby; is a GREAT feeling. Nicole Hudson I’m so grateful for you!!!

For those of y’all looking for a gym, but hesitate because you have small ones to care for. COME HERE!!!
— Kasey A.